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A Neo-Cathedral speculation on cognition introduction When we speak of what we think we attempt to share our thoughts.

Of thoughts, we tend to think as things because outside of things there is, it seems, nothing to be thought, only experience of what lies beyond the things we speak about when sharing our thoughts[1].

Thoughts however are in no way stable things, they happen in our brains. We are only beginning to understand how our thoughts happen in our brains, but not unlike in some other fields, the advances in neuroscience are extremely rapid, overwhelmingly so. Our understanding drags its feet in the purchase of what we discover. It is extremely difficult to merge what we discover with our former speculations on how thinking and knowledge is happening, although some serious attempts are underway[2]. Neuroscientists generally don't have the time to explain and philosophers lack their specialization.

 At the same time, to stick to this time of writing, we are building machines th…

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