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no title (2006)

this Bruno guy he’s kinda different him he sayz he’s a sucker for the Real Thing so he don’t cover up his shit but then he’s not deaf to what nature or the gods or fate or whatever is telling him either cause heck if you bring it down to our scale it’s pretty complicated too cause you see all this talk of spirit, soul, winds and other smelly stuff it’s basically all the same stupid conjectures but the conjectures are hard facts too, but hey he’s not gonna call in all those Greek MF’s so he’s strippin the shit but he don’t care if that makes him look stupid or anything or if you refuse him the academic seat you oughtadamnwellbegiving him insteada burninhisgoddamnasslikeyoudid, sure we are all guilty we always were it’s not because you didn’t ask to be born you’re not part of it, so if you’re part of it you in fact did ask to be born now where was i oh so because he’s going places where no man has gone before and heck if nobody gets anything of what the F he’s talking abou…

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